Welcome to Worsham where everything is awesome when teams work together!

We Make It Happen:
Believe! Achieve! Succeed!

Exceeding Expectations through . . .
* Well planned objectives and lessons
* Hands-on * Student Centered * Relevant
* Evidence of open ended responses
* Quality student writing in all subjects
* Use of rubrics to guide student products

Worsham Elementary will maintain high expectations and success for all students and staff. We will maintain exemplary practices through high expectations for all children, the implementation of ongoing assessment, daily administrative involvement in the classrooms and a strong curriculum-based instruction with consistency from grade level to grade level.

Worsham Code of Coduct

I will control myself and treat everyone with respect and courtesy
I will always try my very best at everything I do
I will accept the challenge to learn and be the best child I can be
For this day will never come again

Worsham Beliefs

1.  We believe that knowledge empowers and we will ensure every student reaches his or her highest academic potential.
2.  We believe that students should be challenged with a rigorous and relevant curriculum.
3.  We believe every child should show respect for self, others, and the environment in their decisions and should accept the responsibility and consequences for their actions.
4.  We believe that engaged parents and gaurdians impact a student's academic and personal development.
5.  We believe it is a shared responsibility among the child, home, school, and community for students to succeed and become independent learners.

Safe and Secure School  
All parents and visitors are required to report to the office and present a picture ID for every visit or activity. A campus badge will be printed for you to wear while visiting the building. Before leaving the campus return the badge to the front office.

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2013-2014 Performance Report

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